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East Surrey Hospital

The hospital needed to replace windows on 3 elevations, the windows in question were above the medical staff restroom located in a conservatory.

The building company contracted to complete the work were prepared to close the rest room and access the windows by removing the PVC roof sheets and allowing the use of scaffold support towers and bridging scaffolding.

The ScaffPutLoad eliminated the need to remove the PVC roof sheets, allowing total access to the windows and this meant the busy and much needed restroom could remain open for the duration of the project. It also eliminated any water ingress into the restroom.


ScaffPutLoad B Hard At Work


Residential Property Sussex

The clients required access to the chimney to carry out remedial work as the property was in the process of being purchased.

The ScaffPutLoad eliminated the need for an end to end scaffold with bridging, Scaffputload offered a lower cost solution, in being able bride over a small area of the conservatory and completing the required maintenance.